The Short Walk for Humanity

The Short Walk for Humanity

Our walk focuses on providing an authentic experience of remote village life, actively contributing to uplifting the local economy. By engaging directly with the community and participating in their economic development, we aim to promote our humanitarian programs.

Venturing along traditional paths, away from tourist hubs, allows for a genuine immersion in local culture. This approach not only enriches the experience for participants but also significantly contributes to the economic growth of these rural areas. It’s a mutually beneficial journey for all involved.


Destination : Nepal

Region : Gorkha District, Tanahun District

Activity : Humanitarian trek

Accommodation : Hotels, Homestays, Tea Houses (small local hotels, often ran by families),outdoor camping during the Dudh Pokhari trek.

Start point/End point: Kathmandu/Pokhara

Trek Start Date :  Autumn 2024

Duration : 10 days

Group size : 10-15

Activity per day : Approx. 5-8 hrs walking

Difficulty : This is a challenging trek, not vertigo-friendly. You need to be adventurous and in good health but not particularly sporty.

Transportation : Bus, Jeep

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Join us to become a part of The Humanitarian Walk and make a difference in lives of Nepali People.


Day 1 –Arriving at the M.D.O village base from Kathmandu, Pokhara, or another location in Nepal reachable within a day. (Transportation costs are not included in this package. Complimentary food and accommodation provided by M.D.O.)

Day 2 – Travel from the M.D.O base to the last vehicle point via bus and jeep. Overnight stay at the last vehicle drop point.

Day 3 –Trekking through rural paths to two villages, resting at the second village. Approximately 5 to 6 hours of walking.

Day 4 – Trekking through rural paths to two villages, resting at the second village. Approximately 6 to 7 hours of walking.

Day 5 – Trekking through three villages, reaching a riverside rest point. Approximately 7 to 8 hours of walking.

Day 6 – Trekking through three villages, exploring the Bhalu Ban waterfall, and relaxing in the last village. Return to the riverside rest point for the night. Approximately 7 to 8 hours of walking.

Day 7 – Return trek to the last bus point. Approximately 5 to 6 hours of walking.

Day 8 – Return back to M.D.O village base.

Day 10 –Farewell or the option to extend your stay as a volunteer at M.D.O if desired.

Additional Dudhpokhari Trek

This trek is an enthralling and unique adventure. Our journey leads us to Dudh Pokhari, a site revered by local villagers who make an annual pilgrimage for worship. M.D.O proudly stands as the first organization to reach this sacred place.

Local guides and porters will accompany us, carrying essential supplies like food and utensils. We’ll camp in natural caves along the way, and if desired, you’re welcome to bring a portable tent for personal use.

Additionally, there is an extra cost of $250 for this part of the journey.

Equipment donated

Medicines: Headache pills, Diarrhea pills, Worm pills, Cotton, Earbuds, Skin Cream, Anti-Infection Cream, Burn Cream, Bethadin, Handiplast, Bandages, Anti-pain Balm, Thermometer, Sanitary Pads 

Stationary: Thin-Medium-Thick copies, Pencils, Pen, Markers, Ink, Sharpener, Eraser, Ruler 

Agriculture: Spinach seeds, Cabbage seeds, Cauliflower seeds, Coriander seeds, Radish seeds, Carrot seeds, Beans seeds, Corn seeds, Tunnel Plastic, Polybags, Gloves, Scissors 


The equipment will be transported by bus and jeep until the end of the roads. Human and donkey porters will then be hired locally.

What is included:
  • A day three meals (Breakfast: tea, coffee, eggs, roti ; Lunch and Dinner: dal bhat (lentil soup with vegetables, rice roti, pickles), chow mein (fried noodles and vegetables) , Snack: noodles).
  • All transportation from the village base and back
  • Accommodation
  • Guides
  • Donations to villages
What is excluded:
  • Alcoholic drinks and other drinks outside of lunch times
  • Extra food items
  • Personal expenses as like the phone & camera charging, hot shower, wifi
  • Tips to guide & porter
  • Travel insurance.
Equipment needed: 

Hiking shoes and hiking socks, raincoat, down jacket, hiking pants, flip-flops, night lamp,
sleeping bag 

Presentation of Mutual Development Organization
Mutual Development Organization is a Non-Profit Organization working directly in rural areas of Nepal with multiple developmental visions. Through the Maya Universe Academy Aapsawara Branch school and various planned activities in villages, it works to support rural
education standards, modernize organic agriculture, develop women and child health, reduce risks of natural calamities and eradicate poverty.
With our motto being “Prosperity through Cooperation” we collaborate with like minded individuals and organizations to implement our missions as per our visions.