Volunteer Reviews

What a fantastic, unique and authentic experience I had here ! I spent five weeks helping in construction and agriculture and I loved it. Mutual Development Organization is very true , passionate and dedicated in its objectives . You can learn a lot about Nepal and also have inspiring conversations about what is important in life. It was a true impactful experience!
Lisa Desnous
Volunteering with the Mutual Development Organization has been a wonderful blessing, and every day here has inspired me with joy. As a teacher I am constantly amazed by every student's hard work and eagerness to learn. Not only are the students extraordinary, their families and surrounding community remains some of the kindest and genuine people I have ever met. My favorite days are Fridays, or fun-days, where school time is halved for activities such as dancing and board games. Having the opportunity to experience the real Nepal outside of big cities and touristic routes will forever resonate with me. I am endlessly grateful for the dedication, love, singing, dancing, and laughter this big family has to offer.
Himal McCarthy
(United States of America)
Life out here is very peaceful which I enjoyed very much. In regular days I got involved in the classes with the children and they are very eager to learn and deserving . I used off days out of the regular routine to explore the surrounding areas and visited the cultural heritages and found it very beautiful. I want to thank the family for hosting me and providing me such an amazing experience. This will not be my last stay here !
Imre Kertesz
It had been only two weeks but it felt like I've been here forever, it felt like home. I am so thankful to the family for hosting me and being so kind and loving. This place will always be deep down in my heart and I will definitely be back sooner than later !
Giulia Anselmi
You will see that these guys are wonderful human beings, I just love them and they are my second family. I love this place as it is so peaceful and relaxing. I will miss this place and even more my family out here. Peace and love until next time
Marces Doeling
I visited this place for the first time in 2016 and have been back multiple times. I try to soak up every moment of everyday here and it is so special. There is so much you can do and time flies so fast out here. The people out here are very welcoming with open arms and I always enjoy my time here. I will try to be back very soon !
Levke Allies Pless
I have been here four times and I feel very comfortable at this special place. Even though I don’t speak Nepali I enjoy getting in contact with everyone out here. I enjoy being a part of the school lessons and I also learn a lot from them besides my teachings to them ! The family here is very dedicated and helpful. I wish to be back again
Wiebke Pless
In the end, there's so many great things to mention , but the people really made it feel nice. The family, the teachers and all the lovely students. I feel terrible for leaving everyone and hope to be back soon.
Maaike Francoys
I enjoyed my time here as here I could live in nature with animals in a typical Nepali way. The children have a good motivation to learn. I am happy that I had the possibility to stay in this amazing place and it's sure that I will come back to these beautiful human beings.
My experience with Mutual Development Organization was wonderful. I met new friends in Nepal and had a lot of new experience. I will carry these memories forever, the smile of children, the Nepali rain , the garden slowly growing around us and the mountains. This place is highly recommended !
Circee Lilou Vixege
In the beginning I was a bit shy because everybody and everything was new but soon I realized I don’t have to be because everybody accepts you and there is no kind of judgment. Don’t be shy to ask any kind of question or tell when you need anything . Just try to focus on the place and you will be involved so easily !
Marie Scheenrock
I loved my first experience here. People out here are very welcoming if your are open to them. I think it is one of the few opportunities to get involved in such a project like this, a truly Nepalese way of life. Getting in touch with the culture and having all the opportunity to learn a different way of life is simply amazing.
Marius Heming
This was our first experience at a volunteer program and it was just amazing! Probably it was one of the best experience ever becoming a part of this big family even for just a short time was simply wonderful. We met special people whom we will carry in our hearts for a long time. Working with children, teachers and volunteers was a wonderful experience of Mutual exchange and personal growth. Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts
Lorenzo and Julia
How is it possible that having spent only some days here , I already feel at home and I'm leaving a part of me behind . I just got a small taste about what this magical place is all about, but enough to feel the luckiest and to have made a change in myself. Let's all help these people as much as we can. They deserve it! So much love to everyone.
Ivan Ciudad