Urgent Appeal: November 23 Earthquake Relief
A Brief Overview of November 23 Earthquake

🏚️ 80k+ homes destroyed,
💔 Lives lost, more at risk,
📚 Kids without school essentials, lunch.

🤝 Join us! Sponsor a child, provide essentials.
🌟 Rebuild, Educate, Sustain

The devastating earthquake in November has left western Nepal in shambles, with over eighty thousand homes destroyed and families in dire straits. The cold and lack of sanitation continue to claim lives, and those already facing poverty are struggling even more to survive.

Amidst this, schools are striving to continue, but children are without essential educational materials and lunch. We urgently need your support to ensure these children can maintain their education and receive at least one basic meal a day.

By joining our sponsorship programs, you can make a direct impact on the lives of these affected children. Your contribution will provide the crucial educational materials they need and ensure they have a sustaining meal.

Your generosity can bring hope and resilience to these young lives. Please donate now and be a beacon of light in their darkest hours.

Thank you for your kindness and solidarity.