Our Team

Sony Magar

General Secretary/Executive Director

It’s good to see the children learn & grow

Sanjog Rana


 We all have a little empath in us

Himal McCarthy
Ambassador for USA
Whatsapp : +9779823767900
Marces Doeling
Germany Ambassador
 Whatsapp : +49 176 32095690
Lisa Desnoues
Ambassador For France
Whatsapp : +33620618281
Maaike Francoys
Ambassador For Netherlands
Whatsapp : +31 6 53341791
Sigrid Flieschmann
Ambassador for Austria
Giulia Anselmi
Ambassador for Italy
WhatsApp: +39 3498512968
Circée Lilou VIXÈGE
Information Co-ordinator 
Whatsapp : +33 6 51038880
Nathan Singlard
Digital Support Partner
Whatsapp : +33 6 80 62 45 92 
Dr. Kareen Rana
Medical director 
Message From the Chairman

Dear friends,

I am honored to speak to you as the Chairman of Mutual Development Organisation (MDO). At MDO, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to basic necessities, such as education, healthcare, food, and shelter. Unfortunately, many people in our society are deprived of these essentials, and it is our responsibility to help them.

We established MDO to bring positive change to the local level in response to the ongoing political and economic crisis in Nepal. Our motto, “prosperity through cooperation,” reflects our belief that mutual development is the key to uplifting underprivileged and neglected individuals and communities.

We value direct communication and connection between donors and those in need. We work closely with underprivileged individuals in remote areas to better understand their struggles and needs. We strive to eliminate unnecessary expenses and intermediaries to ensure that all donations reach the intended beneficiaries.

We invite you to join us in our mission to create a better and more equitable society. Together, we can work towards mutual development, where everyone involved benefits and grows together. Let us all come together and make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged and people neglected by authorities in Nepal.

Thank you for your support. Through co-operation comes prosperity. Jay Nepal.”

Siddharth Yonzan
Mutual Development Organization
Whatsapp : 9817175516
Email : yonzan.siddharth@gmail.com

Standing Committee

Muna Magar Yonzan

Vice-Chair/Agriculture Director/ Residential Director

Bal Bahadur Bachey Magar

Co-Secretary/Technical Director

Nitesh Raj Shrestha

Travel and Tourism Partner

Dharma Giri

Travel and Tourism Partner

Abhishek SJBR

Active Member/ Engineering Consultant

Pushpa Basnyat

Active Member/ Education Consultant

Mamata Mumi Magar

Active Member

Anjila Khawas

Active Member

Rajju Ranabhat

Active Member

Madan Mumi

Active Member/ Construction Director