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Volunteer Opportunities at Mutual Development Organization (MDO)

At Mutual Development Organization (MDO), we welcome individuals interested in volunteering to contribute to the positive impact on society. We offer a unique opportunity for volunteers to join us at our village operations base, where they can engage in various activities, including teaching at ‘The Aapswara Community Education Project.’ This project provides free education to 70 children, and volunteers can actively participate in teaching academics, sports, music, and arts at our schools. Additionally, volunteers can contribute to agriculture and construction work. We believe that through these activities, our volunteers can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

We provide comfortable accommodation and three meals a day, sourced from our organic farm, for a fee of $15 per day. The fees go towards supporting student sponsorships and school administration costs. By joining us at MDO, volunteers can make a difference in the lives of underprivileged communities and gain valuable experiences that will last a lifetime.


Volunteers at MDO have the chance to make a meaningful impact through teaching by participating in diverse educational activities, including academics, sports, music, and arts at the supported schools. This involvement extends beyond traditional academic growth and aims to foster a holistic learning environment that enhances overall student development.

  • Engage in a variety of educational activities such as academics, sports, music, and arts.Contribute to a well-rounded learning experience for students, promoting holistic development.


  • Design and conduct classes based on MDO’s curriculum.Ensure a cohesive and enriching learning experience for students, covering various subjects and areas of interest.


  • Foster an environment that goes beyond academic growth to include sports, music, and arts.Contribute to the overall development of students by providing diverse learning opportunities.


  • Volunteers are responsible for actively engaging in teaching activities.Design and implement classes that align with MDO’s educational objectives and values.

Minimum Stay :  Four Weeks


Contribute to the sustainable development of underprivileged communities by participating in MDO’s agricultural initiatives. 

Agricultural Initiatives at MDO:

  • Volunteer to participate in all aspects of seasonal cultivation, implementing sustainable farm management practices and ensuring a diverse harvest of vegetable crops to meet the dietary needs of the community.

  • Contribute to water conservation through efficient manual irrigation techniques, and actively engage in the manual harvesting of seasonal fruits to minimize waste and preserve the quality of the produce.

  • Transform agricultural waste into valuable local handicrafts.Promote environmental sustainability and provide economic opportunities for the community.

  • Contribute to the care and management of goats and chickens.Promote sustainable farming practices, providing a reliable source of nutrition and income

Minimum Stay :  One Week


Contribute to the transformation of underprivileged communities by participating in MDO’s construction projects. Our focus is not just on building structures but creating innovative, sustainable, and community-centric spaces.

Why Volunteer in Construction?

  • Innovative Construction: Use your skills to implement creative construction solutions using natural resources and modern ideas. Help in the development of unique structures that cater to the specific needs of the community.

  • Infrastructure Improvement: Be a part of projects that directly contribute to the enhancement of community infrastructure, providing lasting benefits and improving overall living conditions.

  • Repair and Renovation: Contribute to the repair and renovation of old structures, preserving the community’s heritage while ensuring safety and functionality.

  • Ongoing School Project: Currently, one of our primary focuses is the construction of a new school building. By participating in this project, you’ll directly contribute to the creation of a conducive learning environment for the children in the community.

  • Be a builder of change, lending your skills and enthusiasm to construct a better future for underprivileged communities. Join us in making a lasting impact through our construction projects at MDO.

Minimum Stay :  One Week

Self-Creative Pursuits

MDO places significant value on personal well-being and self-expression, encouraging volunteers to explore their creative side through various activities, including yoga, meditation, reading, writing, and art. This intentional focus on personal growth not only enriches the volunteer experience but also adds a unique dimension that fosters a profound sense of fulfillment and connection with both the communities served and the organization’s mission.

  • MDO recognizes the crucial role personal well-being plays in the volunteer experience. Volunteers are encouraged to prioritize their mental and physical health.

  • Volunteers have the opportunity to explore their creative side. Activities include yoga, meditation, reading, writing, and engaging in art.

  • Creative exploration contributes to personal growth, enhancing the volunteer experience. Volunteers find fulfillment through activities that align with their interests and passions.

  • Incorporating creative activities adds a distinctive and enriching dimension to the overall volunteer experience. This unique aspect enhances the connection between volunteers, the communities they serve, and MDO’s mission.

Minimum Stay :  One Week

Volunteer Process

Age Requirement: Volunteers must be 18 years or older.
Group Accommodations: Special requests for groups with individuals younger than 18 can be made via email.
Minimum Stay: Volunteers are requested to dedicate a minimum of four weeks to the education sector and a minimum of one week to the remaining sectors, which include Agriculture, Construction, and Self-Creative Pursuits.
For shorter stays, please contact us via email for assistance at mutual.dv.org@gmail.com
Application Process: Fill out the volunteer application form provided. Or you can fill up the separate form that is there in respective 10 day short march and 21 days long trek to join us. We would love to have you here with us.


Our volunteering initiative immerses participants in an authentic remote village experience, actively contributing to local economic upliftment and advancing our humanitarian programs. Engaging directly with communities along traditional paths not only enriches the volunteer experience but also significantly contributes to the economic growth of these rural areas. The 10-day volunteering program starts at $400, with an additional $250 for a 5-day trek to Dudh Pokhari, a sacred lake at 4600m above sea level, founded by M.D.O.

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Embark on a 21-day volunteering journey in Nepal for $1860, starting November 17. Engage with 15 earthquake-affected villages in the Gorkha region, delivering 16,000 kg of supplies for education, agriculture, and wellness. Explore Dudh Pokhari lake and visit Maya Universe Academy. 80% of the trek cost directly funds the supplies’ purchase and transport, creating a meaningful volunteering experience with lasting impact.

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