Sponsor a student by sparing 1 a day

This poignant image encapsulates a profound moment as a student engages in a heartfelt video call with his mother. Her call comes during a brief respite from her labor in the Nepalese labor market in the Middle East, a region increasingly chosen by Nepalese workers in their pursuit of opportunities to sustain their families amidst a deepening economic crisis and a scarcity of prospects in rural areas.

The migration of Nepalese women from remote regions to this Middle Eastern market is a significant trend. Tragically, many of these women face harrowing challenges, including human trafficking, exploitation, and, at times, the heartbreaking return in coffins or mysterious disappearances. Despite these stark realities, the lack of viable alternatives leaves these families with limited choices.

Complicating matters further, the government school education system grapples with political interference and a noticeable decline in academic standards. This predicament has led to an alarming dropout rate at the secondary and high school levels, contributing to a burgeoning population of uneducated and unskilled youth.

Mothers laboring abroad harbor aspirations of affording their children a brighter future and intimately comprehend the struggles of lacking skills and resorting to migration for mere survival. Unfortunately, the financial burden of private education remains an insurmountable obstacle.

In response to these pressing challenges, MDO earnestly appeals to compassionate individuals and organizations, urging them to rally behind the “Sponsor a Student” initiative. The entreaty is simple:  Contribute 1 ($/€) every day to support the education of a deserving village student, and kindly send the accumulated amount every three months. These students, despite their right to quality education, find themselves helpless and in dire need of dedicated support.

As a token of gratitude for participating in this humanitarian effort, MDO extends an offer of free accommodation in the village base for those who choose to visit Nepal, regardless of the duration of their stay. This gesture seeks to express appreciation for the compassionate approach of those supporting this noble cause.

By joining this program, participants have the unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of these students. Their contributions will empower these students with the education they rightfully deserve, thereby playing a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for Nepal.

Thank you for considering this vital cause. We look forward with hope and anticipation to the prospect of collaborating with you to bring about positive and lasting change.